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Reach long term fat loss goals with this strategy

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Knowing when to push hard with your health and fitness goals and when to slow down and enjoy some more free time is essential for long term results.

We talk a lot about balance at The Strong Life Club,

We must help people create a sustainable lifestyle that not only supports their fat loss and health goals,

But supports their family and professional lives as well,

Brand new habits take time to embed, learning more about nutrition and what makes an empowering lifestyle.

A diet but is something that creates imbalance and unsustainability.

One of the best tools I teach our clients is the understanding that you can't always be killing it in the gym.

It isn't sustainable or real life,

So you must start to adopt a more long term approach that supports times of prioritising gym sessions, hitting your daily nutrition, optimising sleep and recovery.

Then there needs to be time recovery,

I call it cruise control.

We still have structure around our nutrition, but it allows us to enjoy different food, attend a few events and meet up with friends more.

Training may decrease or even change the gym for outdoor activity.

Allow our bodies and mind to recover before pushing again.

I've found implementing this approach into clients long term plans has helped them to stay motivated and focused.

When we start to realise it's not about how I can get to a result but more about creating sustainability and long term health,

Life-changing results start to happen with your health, energy, confidence and feeling of empowerment.

Try adopting this approach with your health and body goals and see how achievable and enjoyable the process become.

Learn more about how we can help you achieve your long term goals with our 90-day transformation program.

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