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Client testimonials

I just wanted to feel confident and happy in a bikini on holiday. 
The Strong Life Club gave me that and I've never felt been so confident.


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I never had the support and guidance I needed to reach the level of results I always wanted.
Working with The Strong Life Club gave me everything to succeed.



I was stuck in diets and thinking less food was the only way. I was so wrong, I have a much healthier relationship with food, have more energy and loads more confidence to wear my favourite dress.


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I had tried all the diets, did hours of boring cardio but still never got results. Having worked with The Strong Life Club I was guided and supported every step of the way to get into the best shape of my life.


I gained more energy and my confidence grew.


BodyMindHappiness (2).png

Start your transformation today

I'm in the best shape of my life and more importantly, I know it's sustainable.


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I never would have the confidence to do a photoshoot before. The Strong Life Club has completely transformed my confidence and all aspects of my life. I feel like myself again.


I didn't like what I sure in the mirror.


Always being told I don’t need to ‘lose weight’ by others as I am tall and slim but in myself, I felt frumpy and always bloated so I set about John’s programme.

And I can honestly say I have never looked back.

I had to learn a lot of self-discipline and really set my goals for time-management as this was always my excuse not to do any training in the years prior.

John set me clear but manageable goals and plans and his weekly check-ins of my weekly activities really helped keep me accountable for my week-to-week improvements.

To say I am pleased with my results is an understatement! I never expected to achieve to goal of finding time let alone getting incredible tone and definition the way I have.

Thank you so much John!


Post pregnancy I feel I have my body and confidence back.


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