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The Empowering Professional eight-week program

Supporting professional, driven Men and women to lose up to 8-10lbs, get lean and strong without restrictive diets and hours of cardio in the next eight weeks.

Regain your health, transform your body in the next eight weeks, and start your journey to a stronger, healthier, and confident you. 

We have been empowering women for over 15 years.

Through a personal approach, we support our client's to achieve results with their body, mindset, health and wellbeing. 

Listening, supporting, and guiding is what we do as coaches.

We pride ourselves on our ability to get excellent results and help our clients every step of the way.

So what is the goal of The Strong Life Club and our programs?

To get clarity on what is currently holding you back from achieving results?

What are your real struggles and frustrations on a day-to-day basis, and how to help break them down?

Then we get a clear understanding of what success looks like to you. What are your personal goals?

We then start to design the program from the ground up,

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Better health through sustainable nutrition.

Building a healthy relationship with food.

We want to help you break away from the diet culture and poor relationship with food. Whilst still being able to drop body fat and have a social life.

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Learn how to train for the very best results.

creating a strong, athletic and confident body through a progressive training regime.

No more unstructured, crazy intensity workouts that get little to no results. Resistance training has many positives for women, and it's such an empowering experience. 
No matter your past training experience, we cater to your ability and understanding. 

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Break down unsupportive habits and build new ones.

Improving your health for better results.

We want you to gain more energy, better sleep and lead a lifestyle that supports not just you but your family and career too.

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A stronger mindset to stay motivated and focused on succeeding.

Our minds are the most powerful and vital tool we have, so we make sure to support your mindset with meditation work and structuring your weeks to help your wellbeing and happiness.

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You're not on your own.

​Not feeling alone or trying to do it yourself can make all the difference. That's why we have created a group of people inside The Strong Life Club community. 
Together we are stronger, and surrounded by like-minded people with similar struggles can help you stay motivated and focused.  

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Client results

Stronger, healthier and empowered

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I finally took control of my health and found so much more confidence.



From the first day, I had the support I needed to reach results I never thought I could achieve before.



My energy, sleep, and confidence significantly improved, and I feel physically and mentally stronger.


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Not only did I transform my body, but my health and wellbeing have significantly improved. 
I no longer feel trapped by diets and frustrated with not getting results from my hard work.



The weekly support and guidance kept me on track and making progress I couldn't have made by myself.


Having become a mum, I needed a way back into feeling healthy, fit and confident. 
The eight-week plan gave me the structure and the accountability to regain my health and body.

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