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The Strong Life Club

Our programs are tailored specifically to you and your needs to achieve outstanding results with your fat loss, health and body confidence goals.

At The Strong Life Club, we give you the clarity, focus, and continued support you need to transform your body, health, and happiness in the next 90 days.

So if you’ve tried all the diets, done every home workout you can find, got bored with doing cardio and completed every generic training program you found online, then look no further.

Book a consultation now to begin your transformation today.


I have always been active but I could never make progress and start feeling good about myself. I had low energy, low on confidence and constantly feeling fed up. 
The Strong Life Club gave me the support and clarity I needed to reach my goals. I never thought I would be able to have reach results like this, definitely not by myself.


Our 90 day program is tailored specifically to you and your needs to achieve amazing results for your body and confidence.


At The Strong Life Club, we are all about results and how we can get the best possible results for all our clients. To do this we approach every transformation with the client's current situation and time frames in mind.


We don't just give you a training and nutrition plan and expect results to just happen. Each week we check-in and make sure your moving in the right direction and help with any difficulties you may be facing.


We understand that trying to transform your body and health is tough, especially if you're trying to do it alone. That's why we have built a community of women that have similar struggles and aspirations. Be apart of a supportive and empowering team.

About The Strong Life Club

I'm talking to you if ... 

You're currently frustrated by the lack of progress from your training efforts and have limited knowledge of how to train, but you're ready to give your all for results!

You've tried all the diets, but nothing seems to work or is sustainable.

Busy work life gets in the way and don't have the time to research for training programs and fancy nutrition plans.

You want to feel strong, healthy, confident and sexy.

But you still want to be able to go out with friends and family and enjoy meals and drinks!

Feeling confused and overwhelmed with what to do next.

You're looking for a lifestyle that gives you balance not a quick fix.

You know you can achieve more but the stuff in your life is holding you back.

Does that sound familiar? 


Client testimonial

Kelly's transformation

Kelly talks about how she found herself unable to get out of the situation of not being able to make progress with her fat loss and body confidence post two pregnancies and now completely transforming her body and mindset.

I’ve thought long and hard about this review because it is difficult to explain how good The Strong Life Club is and actually do it justice. I joined as a last attempt to try and sort my body out after having two children - everybody tells you that you will never get your body/shape back after children but actually that’s not true! I’m in better shape now than I was pre-children which I never thought was possible. I have never believed in transformation programmes let alone 90-day transformation programmes but this one really does work; not only in relation to body shape/weight but mindset too. My relationship with food is completely different now and I can honestly say I’m much happier with life in general. It goes without saying that I cannot recommend enough!


I worked with John and The strong life club online. It was a fantastic experience. John is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. He created a programme for me that had a perfect level of challenge so I felt like I was working hard but at the same time, I was able to achieve. I have had great results. I have dropped 8kgs and a dress size in 8 weeks. I feel strong, healthy and confident. The programme itself was easy to follow and understand. John was always on hand to answer questions and the YouTube channel and videos were very helpful in understanding how to do the exercises. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Thank you John


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